The following objects in the field of security, correspond to the qualification of “Qartal” LLC:

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– Security of govermental and non-govermental objects (banks, offices, educational institutions, international organizations, residences of foreign goverment ambassadors, shopping centers and e.t.c )

– Providing the access control mode and security of guarded objects.

– Design, installation and use of video surveillance cameras and alarm systems to ensure total safety of guarded objects.

– Ensuring the safety of all types of events (exhibitions, concerts, shows, presentations, promotion actions, etc.)

Our Technical Services:

Fire alarm systems:
Means of fire alarms serve for detection of fire at the initial stages, indicating the time and place of the fire with a signal of danger and, if necessary, automatically turning on sprinkler systems and smoke protection. (Fire detectors;Control panels;Fire alarm loops and etc.)

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Fire extinguishers:
Fire extinguishers are widely used in fire fighting. Despite the fact that there are many types of fire extinguishers, they are used only at the initial stages of fires. Type of fire extinguisher should be chosen according to a burning material and situation. Fire extinguishers should be located in an accessible place.

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Ventilation and air extraction systems:
One of the main tasks of smoke ventilation systems is the localization of smoke and toxic gases, the release of evacuation routes and safe evacuation of people from the burning building. Besides that, providing a building with smoke ventilation system helps fire brigades to prevent the spread of fire while extinguishing.

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Video surveillance systems:
Modern security systems are difficult to imagine without round-the-clock surveillance. The rapid and strong development of technologies withdrew surveillance systems from the state of passive witness of events. Controlled by artificial intellect, this system will not limited only by biometric recognition in future. The human factor plays a great role in the control at security systems. The operator, who tracks what's going on at dozens of monitors loses vigilance withins a short period of time. The more operating personnel responsible for survveillance works at monitor, the less efficient the work is. This is natural because it is practically no possible to detect suspicious moments at monitor screens showing nothing in 99% of cases. A video surveillance system already covers a broad scope that responds to certain algorithms of movement style and behavior, abnormal situations.

Burglar alarm:
Qartal MMC is implementing the design and installation of technical security devices of any complexity including the creation of a complex security systems on facilities. To provide an efficient security of facilities, Qartal MMC designs and installs modern security systems.
Fully integrated hardware and software systems provide reliable protection of industrial buildings, banks, office areas, warehouses, etc.

Access Control System:
Access control systems are complex and multidimensional electronic systems. Conventional doors with mechanical locks or mechanical turnstiles with watchman can also be attributed to the control system, but it is impossible to stick the watchman to each door. In such cases, access control system comes to the aid, allowing only authorized and targeted access to specially protected areas.
The main direction of current ARS is their intellectualization, that is, the maximization of the ability to transmit and process data, and to find solutions with the help of computers and mechanical means of ARS. As a result, when we talk about modern ARD, we mean programmed hardware and methodical organizational measures that control and manage access to certain rooms and even obtain information about the location and duration of the presence of employees in some parts of the object.
At the moment automatic access control is widely used in enterprises of different directions: in offices, banks, shops and workplaces. The simplest device of access control is encrypted panel and autonomous cards. Different types of locks, turnstiles and automatic doors can be used as tools of control over access.