Employment procedure

Required documents

  • copy of ID card
  • copy of military card
  • health certificate
  • certificate of non-registration at nervous-mental hospital
  • certificate of non-registration at drug combat facility
  • Police certificate by “ASAN Xidmət”

One of the demands is a request of special training cources for the candidates at Security Guards Professional Traning Centers. After successfully completing the required training and passing the exams, the candidates are awarded with certificates entitled to work at security structures.Thereafter, they practise at guarded objects under supervision of experienced security guards. Only then, they are hired for 3 month test period under the legislation. Afterwards, the termless labor contract is concluded with every security guard who successfully completed the test period. This kind of approach justified from practical point of view.As a result, this process increases the employees’ level of professionalism, minimizes the employment of persons with lower skill level, and prevents unpleasant situations that may occur at guarded objects.

Material and Technical Supply of Security Guard

According to Non-Govermental (private) Security Activities” Law of the Azerbaijan Republic, the security guards should serve in special uniform. This uniform is intended as 2 following forms, depending on a special season:


The security guards at guarded objects are provided with special helmets, special bright orange vests, protective spectacles and etc. Security guard’s supply also includes:

  • rubber truncheons at high risk posts
  • metaldetector at check-points
  • mobile phones of group membership
  • due range distance transmitter-receivers
  • special whistles
  • guard1
  • guard2
  • guard3

Social defense of security guards

Obligations related to employees’ social defense, are the following:

  • duly payment of salary;
  • provision of unifom as per season;
  • compulsory insurance for employees;
  • rewarding for high performance;